About Women Veterans Interactive

Women Veterans Interactive (WVI) was created to address the unique, and often unrecognized, challenges facing our nation’s 1.8 million woman veterans as they return to civilian life. WVI has members spanning 12 states providing outreach and support services to more than 1,000 women veterans.

WVI focuses on meeting women veterans at their point of need while breaking down the barriers leading to homelessness. Our mission is to, “Meet Women Veterans through Advocacy, Empowerment, Interaction, Outreach and Unification – AEIOU”

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WVI Is Committed To Action

Women Veterans Interactive (WVI) Dedicated to Improving the Lives of our Women Veterans Veterans have always faced unique and daunting challenges when returning to civilian life, but the truth is that the nation’s 1.8 million women veterans face an even steeper uphill battle when it comes to living successfully outside of the uniform.

We all understand the shared stresses that come with leaving the service, such as depression, post-traumatic stress, divorce or even raising children, but female veterans have even more unique hurdles to overcome.

In fact, statistics tell us that today’s female veterans face considerable issues, including:

  • They’re less likely to find work than their male counterparts.
  • They’re leading in homelessness.
  • They find it more difficult to claim disability compensation.
  • They don’t have proper housing assistance.
  • More than 30 percent of VA medical centers don’t offer proper female treatment.

And while all of these are correctable issues, the most staggering indicator of a need for support comes from the fact that one in five female veterans have been the victims of sexual trauma while serving.

That’s why it takes people like Ginger Miller, CEO and founder of Women Veterans Interactive, to step up and make a difference.

A former homeless veteran, Mrs. Miller found out how difficult life can truly be as a transitioning female veteran. Suffering in silence, she raised two young sons and cared for her husband—a disabled Marine Corps veteran—while working three jobs and attending college classes whenever she found time.

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Taking Back Pride in Your Service
According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, many women separate from the military and do not identify themselves as veterans; as a result, they are unknowingly depriving themselves of available assistance. What’s more, for those that do, they aren’t viewed as equal to many of the men who have also served, regardless of their job or qualifications.

We at Women Veterans Interactive want to ensure that women veterans have the knowledge and the resources necessary to meet their physical, mental and financial challenges. WVI provides inviting and engaging platforms that allow women veterans to take back the pride of service, attain the support resources needed to be successful, and to find comfort amongst their peers.

Professional Service and Support
We at WVI believe that true service and support goes beyond providing financial resources, transitional housing, or new educational or career opportunities. Our passion lies in creating innovative and holistic ways to restore emotional equilibrium.

From food drives and outreach events, to counseling services and peer-to-peer support, we strive to help women veterans rebuild their self-esteem and give them the confidence they need to live happier, fuller lives.

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