Women Veterans Interactive’s Outreach Programs are unique because they are designed to meet women veterans at their specific point of need and encompass three of our major mission components: Empowerment, Unification, and Interaction.

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Women Veterans Interactive’s Breakfast Series

The Women Veterans Interactive Breakfast Series is a quarterly eventbreak1
designed to address the barriers that women veterans face that ultimately lead to homelessness.  Women veterans continue to state, in overwhelming numbers, that they want their voices to be heard.  This event series is specifically designed with that need in mind.

In addition to providing a voice and platform to discuss homelessness and other women veteran specific issues, we provide an opportunity to connect our women
veterans with information and enrollment opportunities for support services and benefits on site.

Our WVI Breakfast Series covers the following topics:

  The Great Transition
  Education, Employment and Mentorship
  Homelessness and Housing Options
  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Military Sexual Trauma, Depression, and Isolation


Annual Turkey Drive

Thanksgiving is the time of the year that we all give thanks and gather with family and friends to enjoy a festive meal. For some of our nation’s heroes the holiday season can be the hardest time of the year for reasons many of us may not think about. Please support our Nation’s Heroes during the Thanksgiving Holiday…

A $35 Donation feeds a family of four with the following:
1 Turkey
3 Side Dishes
1 Dessert
1 Pack of Dinner Rolls

Our 2015 Turkey Drive was a HUGE success thanks to the kindness of Ally



A lot of veterans are struggling to make ends meet and that includes affording a Thanksgiving meal. This year ALLY made Thanksgiving dinner possible for 200 veterans by donating beautiful turkey baskets and gift cards. For our 2015 Turkey Drive ALLY Financial made Thanksgiving dinner possible for 200 veterans by donating beautiful turkey baskets and gift cards.

Donating to an awesome cause is great but ALLY took it a step further and teamed up with Women Veterans Interactive and our volunteer team to distribute the 200 turkey baskets and $40 Shopper’s gift cards. Women Veterans Interactive is extremely grateful for the partnership and donation that Ally has provided this holiday season.

All of the veterans were extremely grateful, some laughed, danced and cried because they were delighted to know that life didn’t forget about them on this Thanksgiving. Some turkey basket recipients shared how they had actually given up on having a Thanksgiving dinner.

“Thank you so very much for the Thanksgiving basket. I actually cried on my drive home after picking up my basket. A prayer had been answered for me. It truly has. My family and I are ever so grateful for the generosity. It was truly motivating to see you and your crew partaking in the season of giving. I would personally like to thank you for all that you do for and on behalf of WVI. Have a blessed holiday season”

– Signed a grateful woman veteran.


Our 2013 Thanksgiving Turkey Drive served over 100 veterans and was featured on the Channel 4 News.


If your corporation would like to sign up to make a donation and participate in our 2016 Turkey Drive, please send an email to outreach@womenveteransinteractive.org and put 2016 Turkey Drive in the subject line.

Thank you for your support!


Women Veterans Interactive’s Christmas Lunch


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