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3e73ac_90885cf3521b44e9bea5f2461949a30fTransitioning from the military to civilian life can be a daunting task for women service members. From the time a woman veteran is discharged, she is preparing and planning for transition. Her priority shifts to securing a new permanent living situation, registering children for new schools and securing employment – employment being the glue that binds the transition process. Unfortunately, many women veterans have a difficult time finding employment after exiting the military; to this end, some are becoming homeless with their children. In fact, women veterans are the fastest growing population of homeless veterans. According to a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor, “Women veterans are highly qualified and bring strong attributes to the civilian labor force”. Click here to read the DOL Fact Sheet http://www.dol.gov/vets/updates/2015-VETSFactSheetWomensVeterans508.pdf

The most recent Bureau of Labor and Statistics study reports that nearly 100,000 women veterans were unemployed in 2013 and six percent of the 97,000 unemployed women veterans were ages 18 to 24. There were about the same proportion of unemployed women veterans in the following groups: ages 25 to 34 (26 percent), ages 35-44 (24 percent), and ages 45 to 54 (28 percent). Women veterans’ ages 55 to 64 and 65 and older made up smaller shares of the unemployed share of the population.

In an effort to assist women veterans with sound, seamless transition and gainful employment opportunities, Women Veterans Interactive held its first Women Veterans Workforce Development and Transition Session on Veterans Day 2015. The morning’s event included panels focused on the corporate workforce and employment, as well as, it provided an opportunity for transitioning women to share their real world experiences. The feedback received from attendees after the event proved instrumental in expanding and projecting future sessions throughout the U.S. in 2016, under the platform – Women Veterans Transition Space (WVTS).

Women veterans are a unique addition to any growth environment as they not only satisfy diversity recruitment goals, but arrive with phenomenal leadership skills, are seasoned followers, team players, and have a wealth of proven technical, social and personal balance skills.

The Women Veterans Transition Space is dedicated to leveraging and connecting these skills to meet the need of the civilian workforce through pre-screening, employer access to resumes and NO FEE HIRES. The WVTS career fairs and workforce development workshops also offer informational and instructional videos and webinars to assist women veterans in their vital quest to find a purposed career after military service.

“I want to thank Ginger Miller for letting AMVETS be a part of the first annual Women Veterans Transition Summit. I truly feel this effort will finally put a light on women veterans’ unemployment rate which is tied to both PTS and Homeless female veterans. About 2 years ago I read that female veteran unemployment rate hit 45% which in turn caused homeless rates and female veteran suicide rates to skyrocket many times over male veterans. There’s no doubt with Ginger involved we will soon see the needed changes to assist our nation’s hero’s transition back to civilian life.”

– Les Davis, MA
National Recruiter at AMVETS National Headquarters

“The Women Veterans Transition Space is a much needed program for our transitioning Women Veterans. Ginger Miller and her team have created an environment where our Women Veterans can go and get the advice and guidance that they need to make a successful transition from serving our country to civilian life. I am honored to be a part of this program and look forward to assisting wherever I can.”

–  Terrence R. Gonzalez
Military and Residency Program Manager
Premise Health


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