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Women Veterans Transition Space Mobile!

Women veterans are a unique addition to any growth environment as they not only satisfy diversity recruitment goals, but arrive with phenomenal leadership skills. Women veterans are seasoned team players and have a wealth of proven technical, social and personal balance skills. WVTS-Mobile! is dedicated to leveraging and connecting these skills to meet the employment needs of women veterans and the needs of the civilian workforce.

WVTS-Mobile! events are designed to connect women veterans to a network of career development and employment opportunities driven by industry executives and community partners. WVTS-Mobile! events are excellent networking opportunities and foster an atmosphere that offers industry executives opportunities interact with women veterans and learn firsthand about some of the employment struggles women veterans have when transitioning out of the military.

Attendees will:

  • Gain exposure to employment resources and opportunities
  • Get one on one advice on translating their military skills into civilian terms
  • Get valuable insight on confidence building, self-marketing and interview preparation
  • Gain unique access to local and national industry experts

More information coming soon!

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