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When a Woman Veteran joins WVIF, she becomes a part of a national network designed to strengthen and empower her. She becomes a part of a powerful system of support, designed to help her live fully and with purpose. She becomes part of a community, designed to protect and ensure post-military success for Women Veterans.

At WVIF, our strength is fortified by the determination, grit, and commitment of our member Women Veterans. We are here to serve YOU, to empower YOU. Our mission is carefully crafted to aid your individual journey and cultivate a compassionate community of people around you. Many Women Veteran members rejoice as they engage in WVIF programs, feeling relieved, overjoyed, and energized to be surrounded by Women who understand them.

WVIF is fueled by a diverse community of members – from Women Veterans to the community stakeholders that support them. We are determined to cultivate a community in which people of all backgrounds and experiences feel valued, respected, and included.

We have membership options for anyone who values the future of Women Veterans – in the workforce and at home.


Why Become a Member

WVIF offers numerous levels of membership – for Women Veterans and for their advocates and supporters.

When you become a member, you gain access to powerful resources, programs, and connections that create a pathway to post-military success for Women Veterans.

As a member, you’ll gain access to:

Professional Networking Events
Transition Assistance
Career Advancement Workshops
Mentorship Opportunities
Educational Benefits
Compassionate Community
Plus, you’ll receive a whole bunch of fancy swag!

What’s even better than this?

Your membership will help WVIF serve even more Women Veterans!

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