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Saturday, March 9, 2024 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


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A Comprehensive Solution

Support for Women Veterans

The Women Veterans Interactive Foundation (WVIF) equips Women Veterans with knowledge and tools necessary to meet their physical, mental, and financial needs. We provide real solutions to real challenges, and we conduct important research to ensure that these solutions continually meet Women Veterans’ needs. At WVIF, we envision support for Women Veterans as a robust and interactive ecosystem of initiatives, which enable Women Veterans to reclaim their pride of service, access essential resources, and find comfort amongst their peers.

WVIF’s programs connect Women Veterans to:

Transition Assistance

To create a smooth adjustment to civilian life.

Comprehensive Research

To gain a full-spectrum picture of Women Veterans' experiences, and develop valuable solutions and services.

Women's Empowerment

To inspire new directions, and to equip with essential knowledge and tools.

Networking Opportunities

To build strong connections among peers and industry leaders.

Access to Healthcare

To improve access to earned benefits.

Crisis Relief

To meet critical needs during emergency situations.

Research shows that these types of specialized programs are key to preventing homelessness, creating opportunities for career success, thwarting suicidal ideations, and laying the groundwork for post military success. 

Created by Women Veterans for Women Veterans, WVIF is a community of sisters and a network of industry leaders and veteran advocates. We are committed to supporting Women Veterans during all stages of their transition to civilian life. Join us, and experience the difference.

Real-World Situation

The State of Women Veterans in the U.S.

Currently, there are over 2 million Women Veterans in the United States. They are the fastest-growing group of Veterans, and they are struggling with unparalleled and unprecedented challenges every day.

Vast amounts of research document the unique challenges that Women Veterans face. In many cases, Women Veterans encounter challenges at a higher rate than male Veterans or than nonveteran women. Learn about these challenges here, or read more about it in our blog

Women Veterans are the fastest-growing group of homeless Veterans. They are 2x more likely than civilian women to experience homelessness.

Women Veterans are more likely than male Veterans to be homeless with children.

25% of Women Veterans report experiencing Military Sexual Trauma (MST).

25% of Women Veterans have been diagnosed with depression.

20% of Women Veterans have experienced PTSD.

Women Veterans are 1.8x more likely than civilian women to commit suicide. For free, confidential help: Dial 988 and Press 1.

It Takes a Village

Solutions in a Sisterhood of Strength

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Big problems require big solutions.

That’s why, for over a decade, WVIF has worked directly with Women Veterans and met them at their points of need. We provide a targeted ecosystem of training, research, outreach, and support for Women Veterans.

Our solutions combat the unique threats that Women Veterans face, creating meaningful change and limitless possibilities. We walk alongside Women Veterans in each stage of their transition from military service, engaging them in programs that provide workforce development, transition assistance, professional networking, empowerment, community-building and crisis relief.

Our approach is made all the more effective by one important detail: we deliver solutions within a secure, compassionate, understanding community.

It’s our sisterhood. Our sisterhood of strength.


WVIF By the Numbers

We are overjoyed to have spent the last decade serving so many Women Veterans. Each year, more Women Veterans request support, more people become WVIF members, and more forward-thinking corporations sponsor our programs. When we see results like those listed below, we are motivated to continue our mission:

Women Veterans Served
Grants Awarded
$ 1000
Warm Nights
Emergency Meals
Scholarships Awarded
$ 1000

And we are still growing! Our impact is made possible by volunteers, members, donors and corporate sponsors. Want to get involved? We’d love to have you! 


Explore our Programs

Over the years, we have listened to Women Veterans, delivered solutions, and honed our approach. As a result, we provide the most comprehensive ecosystem of support. From our Pink & White Empowerment Series to the Women Veterans Transition Space, Women Veterans can access the particular resources they need and feel secure within an understanding community. Catch a glimpse of what we have to offer below, and then learn more on our Programs page.

Learn more about our programs and how you can become involved.

Premier Event of the Year

National Women Veterans Leadership & Diversity Conference

Join us each Veterans Day for the premier event for Women Veterans: the National Women Veterans Leadership & Diversity Conference, presented by USAA! This event gathers Women Veterans from across the nation to engage in three days of interactive seminars, empowering keynotes, professional networking, and community building.

With 10 years under its belt, the NWVLDC has impacted thousands of Women Veterans who desire to grow in meaningful ways post-military. If you are searching for strategies to achieve post-military success, support for navigating your earned benefits, and a community who shares your experiences, join us at the next NWVLDC. We have your seat waiting!


Become a Member

WVIF members access unique avenues of resources, support, and mentorship. When you become a member of WVIF, you will become part of a powerful network of Women Veterans, industry leaders, community supporters, and subject matter experts, all dedicated to creating a pathway to post-military success.

And did we mention?

You also will receive some amazing swag!

Learn more about your benefits and become a member today!


Donate to WVIF

Our vast network of Women Veterans, industry leaders, and community supporters keep the wheels turning at WVIF.

For over ten years, generous donors have contributed to WVIF’s efforts to combat food insecurity, homelessness, and financial distress. Plus, they’ve helped us provide robust workshops that help Women Veterans find jobs, advance careers, and connect to mentors. We are grateful for donations of any size – from individuals, teams, or corporations. Your generosity truly makes an impact in the lives of Women Veterans and their families. 

If you believe in ensuring career success, safe housing, crisis relief, and leadership training for Women Veterans, please consider giving to WVIF.

Stay Up to Date



Corner of Gratitude

Thank you to our amazing Sponsors! Over the years, many companies, both large and small, have sponsored WVIF’s programs, helping us provide effective solutions to Women Veterans’ issues. We are eternally thankful for past and present sponsors, including USAA, Amazon, Wells Fargo, Bristol Myers Squibb, Optum Serve, Windsor Group, Calm Walk Oasis, B3 Group, Northwest Federal Credit Union, AFCEA Bethesda, Yes& Agency, JP Morgan Chase, Medallia, and more. And, we encourage more organizations to lend support and become part of the WVIF family.


Get in Touch with WVIF

WVIF is here for you! If you are interested in learning more, accessing support, becoming a member, joining our social networks, or sponsoring a program, please contact us!

(202) 810-2118

Mailing Address

PO Box 624 Accokeek, MD 20607



Are you plugged into the WVIF network yet? Each month, we send out the WVIF Communiqué, a newsletter designed to update, inspire, and inform Women Veterans and their advocates. Subscribe to the WVIF Communiqué below to make sure you don’t miss a thing! (And don’t worry, we will never spam you!)