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There are over 2.3 million women Veterans. They are the fastest-growing group of Veterans in the active-duty military community, and every day they are struggling. Struggling to find work. Struggling to find housing. Struggling to find a life after military service. That’s where the Women Veterans Interactive Foundation comes in with our mission of meeting women Veterans at their points of need through advocacy, empowerment, interaction, outreach, and unification.

Founded upon the principles of the national nonprofit organization Women Veterans Interactive that has made a positive impact in the lives of over 5,000 women Veterans, the Women Veterans Interactive Foundation will continue to improve the lives of our Nation’s women Veterans and military women.

By utilizing dedicated hi-tech research, tailored support programs, and training delivered through a comprehensive ecosystem, the WVI Foundation will ensure the women who have served and sacrificed for our country are equipped with the resources necessary to assist them through all stages of their military transition.

As the experts in women Veterans outreach and engagement, WVIF ensures that this deserving population has the knowledge and the tools necessary to meet their physical, mental, and financial challenges by providing inviting and engaging platforms that enables them to take back the pride of service, attain the support resources needed to be successful, and find comfort amongst their peers.

For Women Veterans, By A Woman Veteran

: : : Meet Our Founder : : :

Our why is personal. Our Founder and CEO, Ginger Miller, a formerly homeless Navy Veteran, discovered how difficult transitioning from military to civilian life can be for a women veteran. Like many women veterans transitioning today,  Mrs. Miller had no idea where to find the resources and help she so desperately needed. Like many women veterans post-military service, she was ashamed to ask for help when she became homeless with her husband, a Marine Corps Veteran suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder, and their young son.

Refusing to be defeated and with unrelenting drive and determination, Ginger worked three jobs while attending school full-time in an effort to end the family’s circumstance of homelessness. With these experiences deep-rooted in her purpose moving forward, she made a personal oath of service to dedicate her life to supporting other women who have served and sacrificed for our country – facing many of the challenges she knows all too well.

Meet The Board


Pamela Powers

Managing Director, KPMG

Nancy Ridge

Founder, and President, Ridge Consulting

Joseph Hasto

Chief Financial Officer, Northwest Federal Credit Union/WVI Treasure

Cassie Ramage

Retired Branch Chief, EPA

Claudia Kuzma

Managing Director, Global Ecosystem Program, Protiviti

Benjamin Mathews

General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, SkillStorm

Cynthia Barreda

Chief Operating Officer, Solerity

Joyce Hunter

Executive Director, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

Linda Sykes

Strategic Human Resources Leader | Veteran Programs | Workforce Development | Talent Acquisition

Naina Leo

Managing Director, and Chief Growth Officer, Federal Services at Attain

Claire E. Sterk

President Emerita, and Charles Howard Candler, Professor of Public Health at Emory University

Dwight Hunt

CEO, B3 Group, An Octo Company

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