Our Approach

Addressing the Unique Challenges of Women Veterans

Our Approach

To effectively address the unique challenges of Women Veterans, WVIF has developed a three-pronged approach: Pillars, Method, Objectives.

If we want to support the full, dynamic experience of Women Veterans, then we have to set goals that address all facets of their unique experience. We can’t expect Women Veterans’ sense of security to be strengthened if we focus only on their transition experience. We can’t improve access to healthcare if we focus only on safety and stability. One simply cannot exist without the other.

So, WVIF developed 3 Pillars of Impact, which guide our approach:

WVIF's 3 Pillars of Impact


WVIF addresses each one of these pillars with a series of workshops, programs, and events throughout the year. Our partnerships with public and private entities mean that Women Veterans have a strong fabric of support, capable of assisting them through all phases of their journey.

Empowerment, inspiration and improved access to healthcare help Women Veterans maintain good mental and physical health. Emergency relief provides a sense of safety and reassurance in crisis situations. Access to tools and resources, education in financial security, and training in leadership and career readiness create a smooth pathway for Women Veterans to experience post-military success.  

WVIF's Method

Targeted Outreach
Proactive Engagement
Holistic Support
Grassroots Efforts
Peer-to-Peer Support

Guided by our 3 Pillars of Impact, WVIF implements a multifaceted method through our dynamic programs. Each of our programs complements the other.

Women Veterans can be assured that, at the same time they engage in a career readiness workshop, WVIF is advocating on their behalf with local and national leaders. At the same time they are finding comfort in a compassionate community, WVIF is developing education and training workshops to ensure smooth transition experiences.

Ultimately, our programs aim to achieve the following objectives:

WVIF’s Program Objectives

Empowered Women
Trained Leaders
Career-Ready Employees
Accessed Benefits
Secure Futures
Prevented Crises

We are proud to say that thousands of Women Veterans have benefited from this unique approach and our popular programs. In our experience, many Women Veterans have attended our programs for the first time, feeling lonely and uncertain, only to return home with new career opportunities and friends for life. Through WVIF’s programs, Women Veterans have accessed their earned health benefits, after spending several years post-military without them. Because of WVIF’s immediate support, Women Veterans have avoided eviction, cold nights, and hunger.

Each year, we reach our target objectives and learn new ways to address the unique challenges of Women Veterans’ experiences. We understand that their needs are evolving, and we are committed to adjusting and developing to meet Women Veterans at their points of need.

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