Our Mission


Our Mission

The Women Veterans Interactive Foundation connects, engages, and empowers Women Veterans with the tools and resources needed to achieve post-military success through financial assistance, workforce development resources, and community.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become experts on Women Veterans issues, eradicate homelessness, improve healthcare and education delivery, and develop a network where there is a free exchange of experiences and solutions.

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Our Values

At WVIF, we work each day to advocate on behalf of Women Veterans, provide programs that make a tangible difference in Women Veterans’ lives, and cultivate a community where Women Veterans can feel understood and empowered. We are rooted in a set of interconnected core values, which we intentionally integrate into each one of our programs.

Our core values define our mission, guide our growth and outreach, and unite our supporters and beneficiaries. Our core values are:


Speak on behalf of Women Veterans’ issues to effect change at the local and national level.


Cultivate a strong sense of belonging and unity, where Women Veterans feel secure, understood, and empowered.


Provide access to programs, events, workshops and more, which offer guidance, expert advice, and useful information.


Create a space where people of all backgrounds, abilities, lifestyles, and experiences feel respected and safe.
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Demonstrate a strong code of morals, ethics, and principles to all stakeholders.


Inspire Women Veterans to reach their goals, and equip them with the tools needed to achieve them.
WVIF Mission

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WVIF addresses the unique challenges in Women Veterans' transition experiences with a unique and dynamic Approach.