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The Board at WVIF

As an organization, WVIF is empowered and fueled by a collection of experts, leaders, and trailblazers. Our Board includes CEOs, Executive Directors, Legal SMEs, and forward-thinking directors. 

Take a look at the wonderful people who give their time and expertise to WVIF’s leadership team.

Pamela Power

Pamela Powers

Managing Director, KPMG

Nancy Ridge

Founder, and President, Ridge Consulting

Joseph Hasto

Chief Financial Officer, Northwest Federal

Credit Union/WVI Treasurer

Cassie Ramage

Retired Branch Chief, EPA

Claudia Kuzma

Managing Director, Global Ecosystem Program, Protivity

Cynthia Barreda

Chief Operating Officer, Solerity

Joyce Hunter

Executive Director, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

Linda Sykes

Strategic Human Resources | Veteran Programs | Workforce Development | Talent Acquisition

Naina Leo

Managing Director, and Chief Growth Officer, Federal Services at Attain

Claire E. Sterk

President Emerita, and Charles Howard Candler, Professor of Public Health at Emory University

Dwight Hunt

CEO, B3 Group, An Octo Company

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