Our Story

A History of Service

Our Story

Like many great things, WVIF began because one person was resolved to make a difference. For WVIF, that person was Navy Veteran Ginger Miller

Although she envisioned a career in the Navy, Ginger was medically discharged in the mid-1990s. Her husband, a former U.S. Marine, was struggling with severe PTSD, and they had a baby on the way. Ginger’s transition from the Navy had been confusing, inadequate, and unhelpful. While she reached out for support and sought out resources, there was little available to support her unique experience as a Woman Veteran.

It wasn’t long before Ginger and her family were homeless.

Refusing to be defeated, Ginger worked three jobs and attended school full-time. Her unrelenting drive and determination shepherded her family out of homelessness and catapulted her into a life of service.

Ginger knew other Veterans needed support, so she began developing efforts to address their varying needs. She organized volunteers to prepare Thanksgiving dinners or deliver warm clothes to homeless Veterans.

But during this time, Ginger discovered that Women Veterans were struggling in different, complex ways. As she began to understand the depth and breadth of Women Veterans’ experiences, Ginger realized:

Women Veterans were experiencing a new battlefield: the battlefield at home.

She found that many Women Veterans faced the same post-military struggles that she did: homelessness, lack of resources, and an uncertain post-military future. And worse, they felt deeply alone and they rarely asked for help.

Ginger resolved to change this.

In 2011, she established Women Veterans Interactive, an organization meant to unite, inspire, prepare, and empower Women Veterans. Over time, this organization grew into a comprehensive ecosystem of support and services, all designed just for Women Veterans.

Now known as the Women Veterans Interactive Foundation, WVIF is a recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. It’s powered by a network of major community stakeholders, delivering a robust system of support and service.

WVIF’s history of service has made a lasting impact on Women Veterans. We have served over 8,000 Women Veterans, developed six specialized programs, formed four chapters, and awarded over $40,000 in scholarships and grants to Women Veterans in need. 

The bottom line is: with Ginger Miller at the helm, WVIF is standing up for Women Veterans in ways that no one has before.

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